Nirmal Lottery Results

India has quite a managed and organized lottery scheme running across the nation in different states. As of now there are over 12 states that allow organized lottery in India. Kerala, is one of those states that launched the lottery scheme at the earliest in Indian economy sector in 1967.
There are different schemes of lotteries running in Kerala like the weekly ones and the bumper lottery. One of those weekly lottery is Nirmal lottery run by the Kerala State Lotteries governed by the Tax Dept. of Kerala. We have today picked the Nirmal Lottery results as part of our series.

What is Nirmal Lottery?

Nirmal lottery is a weekly lottery launched by Kerala State Lotteries. There are altogether 7 weekly lottery as Pournami, Win Win, ShreeShakti, Askhaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal and Karunya running under the lottery scheme of Kerala and six bigger bumper lottery like Xmas, Summer, Vishu, Monsoon, Thiruvonam and Pooja Bumper 2018 (BR-64). Nirmal lottery’s results are announced every Friday.
Nirmal lottery scheme has different category of prize depending on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and other ranks. The lottery results are announced weekly and a person can see whether they have won or not from the results.

How to buy Nirmal Lottery

Nirmal lottery ticket is a weekly lottery ticket offered by Kerala State Lottery and costs Rs 30 INR for each ticket. It is available through different lottery shops in Kerala. You can just go there and buy the lottery ticket for yourself through these shops. If that is not possible then you can also buy it online.
There are many online website that sell the lottery tickets which means if you cannot go to the shop to buy it, you ca buy it from online. The ticket will then be delivered to you by the courier service at the address sent by you. Also there is not rule like you cannot buy the lottery tickets if you are not from Kerala. It doesn’t matter if you are from Kerala or not. You can buy the tickets and participate in the lottery.

Prize structure of Nirmal Lottery

Kerala lottery Nirmal just like the Pournami lottery has different levels of prize structure where depending on the winner you get different prize in terms of money. The highest prize or the first prize is of Rs 60 lakhs. Imagine winning Rs 60 lakhs on a lottery ticket of Rs 30. That’s just a dream come true. Other than that there is Rs 5 lakhs for second prize and Rs 1 lakhs for 3rd prize.
We will list the detailed prize structure down below here so that you can see all the prize levels. And remember, the winner needs to claim the lottery prize within 30 days of the lottery results.
a)      1st prize- Rs 60,00,000
b)      2nd prize- Rs 5,00,000
c)       3rd prize- Rs 1,00,000
d)      Consolation prize- Rs 8,000
e)      4th prize- Rs 5,000
f)       5th prize- Rs 2,000
g)      6th prize- Rs 1,000
h)      7th prize- Rs 500
i)        8th prize- Rs 100

No. of Winners of Nirmal Lottery

Nirmal lottery is a little new to the lottery scheme of Kerala State Lotteries unlike that of Pournami Lottery and Karunya Lottery which has already seen more than 363 weeks and 369 weeks respectively. Nirmal lottery has just gone through 93 rounds and was announced last Friday. The next round will be announced on the upcoming Friday.
In Nirmal lottery, there are 90 lakh tickets with the tickets all being in the Ten-series. You can get these tickets either from the lottery shop or the online website selling lottery tickets.
There are different no. of winners for each prize slab or structure. We will mention it down below here.
Prize Money
No of Winners
1st Prize
Rs 60 lakhs
2nd Prize
Rs 5 lakhs
3rd Prize
Rs 1 lakhs
4th Prize
Rs 5000
5th Prize
Rs 2000
6th Prize
Rs 1000
7th Prize
Rs 500
8th Prize
Rs 100
Consolation Prize
Rs 8000

Results Date

Nirmal lottery is a weekly lottery scheme run by the Kerala State Lotteries. There are 7 different weekly lotteries under the scheme and Nirmal Lottery is the one whose result is announced every Friday. Normally the result is announced by using a lottery machine at an auditorium from 3 pm. The detailed results and the list of winners gets updated from the results at the very moment and is also published in the website by 4 pm mark.
A person can download the result from the website in pdf format and see whether they have won the lottery or not. After winning the lottery, the winner needs to inform the gazette or the Kerala State lotteries within 30 days of the results date. That way the winner gets to receive the money won by him. And you should also submit your appropriate documents with the results so that it is confirmed that the right winner is you. And then you will get the reward.

How to receive the lottery prize

Just like in the Pournami lottery and Karunya Plus lottery you need to fulfill certain documentation and others to receive the prize from the lottery like
a)      If your lottery prize is till 1 lakhs, then you can reach the District Lottery office and claim the amount with specified documents like ID proof and address proof.
b)      And if your winning amount is more than Rs 1 lakhs, then you need to surrender your ticket along with sign, ID proof, address proof, your address to the Director of the State lottery within 30 days. They will then go through your application and give you the lottery prize.
c)       The documents you need to submit are 2 passport size photos, self attested ticket, Filled receipt form with 1 rupee stamp, ID proof like PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport, Ration Card or others. And then Address proof also.
d)      If you are a joint winner, you need to fill a joint authorization form on a stamp paper of Rs 50 and if you are a minor then, appropriate guardianship certificate should be submitted.

More information regarding Nirmal Lottery

For the winners of Kerala Lottery Results, any amount till Rs 10,000 will be treated to prevailing income tax slab, while the amount higher than Rs 10,000 will be taxed at 30% slab rate. The amount from 1 lakhs to 20 lakhs can be requested from the Deputy Director while any amount higher than 20 lakhs will require the approval from Director.

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